UCRP Steering Committee Application

UCRP Steering Committee Application


Apply for Steering Committee Positions Through May 16, 2015

Description of Steering Committee Member Duties

Please refer to UCRP Constitution and Bylaws for more information 

Each of these officer positions is a voting member of the UCRP Steering Committee, the Executive Committee, and the Central Committee, as well as a County Delegate.

The County Party Education Officer shall prepare written instructions and conduct seminars to train Central Committee members, with the assistance of the Legislative District Education Officers, in the performance of their duties and shall prepare written information for distribution to voters and the media to improve voter awareness and knowledge of current issues.

The County Party Finance Officer shall prepare and recommend plans for fund-raising, shall implement approved fund-raising plans, shall be Chair of the Finance Committee and shall advise and assist party officers in fund-raising activities.

The County Technology Officer shall, in assistance to other members of the Steering Committee and under the direction of the Chair, organize and maintain the County Party’s technology presence such as: maintaining electronic databases containing information such as the members of the various committees, individuals who are willing to volunteer, historical voting turnouts and so forth; maintaining the County Party website, including contact information for all members of the Executive Committee as well as making the current version of all party documents available; archiving any available prior versions of Party documents; providing technology advice and assistance to Legislative District and Precinct officers; and any social media presence the County Party shall choose to maintain.

The County Volunteers Officer shall be responsible to organize a pool of volunteers that can be called upon to assist in campaigns and other official projects and activities of the Party, as assigned.

The County Public Relations & Media Officer is not a spokesperson for the Party, but working under the direction of the County Chair is responsible to maximize favorable media coverage for the Party, assist with the preparation and placement of paid political advertising, writing of press releases, scheduling of press conferences, and radio interviews, etc.