2021 Standing Committee & Legislative District Elections

2021 Standing Committee & Legislative District Elections

Information and Filing Process
  • An email notification has been sent to all Central Committee members inviting those interested in serving on one of these committees to run.
  • Before filing, review the committee responsibilities in the governing documents below.
  • File your candidacy with the Party Secretary by clicking on the link below.
  • The filing deadline is Friday, August 13th at 5 pm.
  • You must be a current Central Committee member to be on a standing committee.
  • You may also run for a Legislative District officer position as well.
Election Rules
  • Speeches are limited to 2 minutes.
  • Speaking and ballot order will be chosen by a random letter drawing.
  • For Standing Committee elections, voting will use Ranked Choice ballots.
  • For Legislative District elections, voting will be multiple rounds.
  • There will be no multiple round speeches.
  • Election of committee members will be by majority vote of the total ballots cast for each committee.
Standing Committee Elections
Candidate Filing Form & Candidate List
Audit Committee

The Central Committee will elect 5 members. The role of this committee is to monitor financial matters and oversee the review or audit conducted by a CPA firm select by this committee.
Governing documents pertaining to the Audit Committee are located here:  Audit Committee

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The Central Committee will elect 7 members. The role of this committee is to accept and propose changes too, and be the guardian of, the Party Constitution and Bylaws. They are responsible for reviewing the Party Constitution and Bylaws and making recommendations to the County Central Committee for changes as the need arises. It is also responsible to review all proposed Party Platform revisions submitted and edit each proposed revision for style, form, balance, redundancy, and consistency prior to Executive Committee review of the proposed revision.
Governing documents pertaining to the C&B Committee are located here: C&B Committee 

Legislative District Elections
Candidate Filing Form & Candidate List
LD Chair

The Legislative District Chairs shall direct party affairs within their respective Districts. In addition to powers and responsibilities described in other articles, the Legislative District Chairs shall: Supervise assigned Voting Precinct Chairs to assure success of party programs; Provide communications between the governing committees and Voting Precinct Officers; Preside over Legislative District Caucuses; Recommend and report locations for the Voting Precinct Caucuses.

LD Vice-Chair

The Legislative District Vice Chair shall preside and direct in the absence of the Chair, and shall attend Legislative District caucuses and meetings, Central Committee meetings, conventions, training meetings, etc., and perform other duties as delegated by the respective Chair.

LD Education Officer

The Legislative District Education Officers shall distribute written information to voters to improve voter awareness and knowledge of current issues. They shall attend training meetings sponsored by the County Party Education Officer, and assist in training Central Committee members in the performance of their duties. They shall assist with other duties as delegated by the Legislative District Chair.

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